What is Bazball Cricket and its Origin

Cricket Referred Bazball Officially Added to Collins Dictionary

“A Test cricket style characterized by an assertive and aggressive batting approach.” The popular word “Bazball” is now in the Collins dictionary because so many people used it. The word meant that England’s Test team was going to be brave and take risks.

The phrase was made up to honor Brendon McCullum, who used to lead New Zealand and is now the head coach of the England Test team. The definition of the word was “A Test cricket style characterized by an assertive and aggressive batting approach.” The next print version of the dictionary, coming out in 2024, will have it.

Bazball History and Its Origin

During the 2022 English cricket season, ESPN Cricinfo UK editor Andrew Miller created the colloquial term “bazball” to describe the way the England cricket team plays in Test matches.

It was created following the May 2022 appointments of Ben Stokes as Test captain and Brendon McCullum, also known as Baz, as Test head coach by English cricket managing director Rob Key. It gave rise to a book published in October 2023 by Lawrence Booth and Nick Hoult titled Bazball: The Inside Story of a Test Cricket Revolution.

The origin of the term Baz is Brendon McCullum’s enduring nickname. In his playing career, he was renowned for his forceful stroke play, and as captain of New Zealand, he enjoyed great success during this time. According to Steve McMorran of the Associated Press, McCullum was able to “upend the Black Caps’ traditional conservative approach and underdog mindset” as a result of this strategy.[8]

Bazball in Collins Dictionary

The word that came from Brendon McCullum has already been added to the online version of the well-known magazine.

It’s interesting that the use of the term “Bazball” rose almost 400% between 2022 and 2023 after McCullum was hired as England’s coach. It was also during the Ashes 2023 series, when England came back from being down 2-0 to tie Australia 2-2 in an exciting game. Harper Collins also said that the word was one of the ten best new words of 2023.

These days, the word is also often used to describe a brave or risk-taking method in other areas. “Political Bazball” has also been used to describe the ways that UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak runs his government.

Also, Gareth Southgate, the boss of England’s football team, had said earlier that he was impressed by how the test team played. A language data expert for Collins Dictionaries named Helen Newstead said that “Bazball” was likely the most important new word to come from sports this year.

They talked about how they add new words to their dictionary: “The lexicographers at Collins Dictionary keep an eye on the 20-billion-word Collins Corpus, which draws from a variety of media sources, such as social media, to make the annual list of new and interesting words that reflect how our language is changing and what people are interested in.”

But McCullum said last summer, “I have no idea what “Bazball” is.” “That silly word that people keep using bothers me a lot.”

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