Top 5 Fastest List-A Centuries in the World

Jake Fraser-McGurk Hits Fastest List-A Century

Among the many statistical cricket records, the century scored in the shortest number of balls stands as a testament to a batsman’s extraordinary skill and power-hitting ability. Discover the top 5 fastest centuries in List-A cricket, each inning a showcase of remarkable talent.

Fastest List A Centuries in Cricket

The quickest innings by Jake Fraser-McGurk, AB de Villiers, Corey Anderson, Graham Rose, and Shahid Afridi stand as shining examples of the batsmen’s ability to transcend the boundaries of conventional cricketing wisdom and rewrite the record books with their breathtaking stroke-play.

1) Jake Fraser-McGurk – 29 Balls (125 runs)

The Australian batsman Jake Fraser-McGurk smashed the fastest century off just 29 balls during a List-A match between South Australia and Tasmania in Adelaide, 2023-24 season.

His blitzkrieg knock comprised of relentless aggression and impeccable timing, leaving the opposition bowlers shell-shocked. Fraser-McGurk’s innings not only propelled his team to a commanding position but also garnered widespread acclaim for its sheer audacity and power-hitting prowess.

2) AB de Villiers – 31 Balls (149 runs)

AB de Villiers, fondly known as Mr. 360 for his ability to play shots all around the ground, showcased his extraordinary talent during a List-A encounter between South Africa and West Indies in Johannesburg, 2014-15 season.

De Villiers’ whirlwind innings of 149 runs off just 31 balls left the spectators in awe and the opposition in despair. His ability to find gaps with precision and dispatch even good deliveries to the boundary with ease demonstrated his unparalleled mastery over the game.

3) Corey Anderson – 36 Balls (131 runs)

New Zealand’s Corey Anderson stamped his authority on the cricketing world with a blistering century off a mere 36 balls against West Indies in Queenstown, 2014.

Anderson’s innings was a display of raw power and clean striking, as he dismantled the opposition bowling attack with disdain. His unbeaten knock of 131 runs not only propelled New Zealand to a mammoth total but also set a new benchmark for the fastest centuries in List-A cricket.

4) Graham Rose – 36 Balls (110 runs)

Graham Rose’s whirlwind century for Somerset against Devon in Torquay, 1990, remains etched in the annals of cricketing folklore.

Despite playing in an era devoid of modern-day power-hitting techniques and innovations, Rose showcased his ability to score quickly with a breathtaking innings of 110 runs off just 36 balls.

 His aggressive approach and fearless stroke-play paved the way for Somerset’s dominance in the match and left a lasting impression on cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

5) Shahid Afridi – 37 Balls (102 runs)

Shahid Afridi, the enigmatic Pakistani all-rounder, announced his arrival on the international stage with a stunning century off 37 balls against Sri Lanka in Nairobi, 1996.

Afridi’s innings was characterized by fearless aggression and audacious shot-making, as he tore apart the Sri Lankan bowling attack with disdain.

His rapid century not only propelled Pakistan to victory but also established Afridi as a force to be reckoned with in world cricket.


In the realm of List A cricket, the quest for the fastest century is a pursuit marked by audacity, skill, and a fearless approach towards batting.

As cricketing enthusiasts, we marvel at these displays of raw talent and eagerly await the emergence of new batting maestros capable of replicating or even surpassing these extraordinary feats in the future.

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