Top 10 Highest Match Aggregate in Cricket World Cup History

Top 10 Highest Match Aggregate in Cricket World Cup History

The Highest Match Aggregate Score in the ODI Cricket World Cup shows how exciting the event has become in recent years. All of these teams are among the best in the world, and many of the best players in the history of the game have played for them. It’s not a surprise that these teams have the best overall scores in the history of the competition.

Some of the most exciting and high-scoring games in the history of cricket have happened at the Cricket World Cup. For teams, getting the best match aggregates has been an ongoing goal that shows how good they are with the bat.

Highest Match Aggregate in Cricket World Cup History

Let’s explore the top 10 highest match aggregates in the history of the Cricket World Cup. It describes the exciting games that will always be remembered.

1. Australia vs New Zealand – 771 Runs

Cricket fans witness the highest match aggregate during Australia vs New Zealand in Cricket World Cup 2023 scoring a total of 771 runs.

Australia faced New Zealand in a historic cricket match at the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium on 28th October 2023. The clash between Australia and New Zealand not only showcased the cricketing prowess of the two teams but also etched an unforgettable chapter in the history of the sport.

2. South Africa vs Sri Lanka – 754 Runs

The clash between South Africa and Sri Lanka in 2023 stands as the epitome of high-scoring excellence. With a staggering total of 754 runs, both teams displayed their batting prowess, setting a benchmark for future encounters.

South Africa faced off against Sri Lanka, amassing an extraordinary 754 runs. The intensity of the match was evident as 15 wickets fell over 94.5 overs, reflecting a remarkable run rate of 7.95.

3. Australia vs Bangladesh – 714 Runs

Australia’s encounter with Bangladesh in 2019 showcased the explosive nature of ODI cricket. The teams collectively amassed 714 runs, underscoring the relentless pursuit of victory in the World Cup.

Australia and Bangladesh engaged in a record-breaking battle, culminating in a total of 714 runs. With 13 wickets falling in 100 overs, the match showcased an impressive run rate of 7.14.

4. Australia vs Sri Lanka – 688 Runs

The 2015 match between Australia and Sri Lanka is etched in history as one of the high-scoring duels, with a combined total of 688 runs. This encounter highlighted the teams’ commitment to entertaining cricket on the world stage.

A cricketing spectacle unfolded when Australia clashed with Sri Lanka, resulting in an aggregate score of 688. The battle saw 18 wickets tumble in 96.2 overs, maintaining a consistent run rate of 7.14.

5. England vs Pakistan – 682 Runs

In the 2019 World Cup, England and Pakistan engaged in a run-fest, accumulating a total of 682 runs. This match showcased the dynamic and competitive nature of modern-day one-day internationals.

England faced Pakistan, accumulating 682 runs in a high-stakes encounter. The battle featured 17 wickets falling over 100 overs, showcasing a formidable run rate of 6.82.

6. India vs England – 676 Runs

An epic showdown between India and England etched its name in history with an aggregate score of 676. With 18 wickets tumbling in 99.5 overs, the match boasted a compelling run rate of 6.77.

The clash between India and England in 2011 epitomized the batting brilliance of both teams, resulting in a cumulative score of 676 runs. This encounter added a chapter to the history of high-scoring matches in the World Cup.

7. Australia vs South Africa – 671 Runs

The 2007 World Cup witnessed a pulsating encounter between Australia and South Africa, culminating in a total of 671 runs. This match showcased the competitive spirit and skill of two cricketing powerhouses.

Australia’s dominance continued as they faced off against South Africa, amassing 671 runs. The clash witnessed 16 wickets falling in 98 overs, maintaining a commanding run rate of 6.84.

8. Australia vs India – 668 Runs

The clash between Australia and India in 2019 further solidified the reputation of the World Cup as a stage for high-scoring drama. The teams collectively scored 668 runs, leaving cricket enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.

In a thrilling encounter, Australia clashed with India, accumulating 668 runs. The match showcased 15 wickets falling over 100 overs, reflecting an intense run rate of 6.68.

9. England vs Bangladesh – 666 Runs

In another spectacle from the 2019 World Cup, England and Bangladesh contributed to the list of high-scoring encounters with a total of 666 runs. This match exemplified the entertainment value the tournament consistently delivers.

England asserted their command against Bangladesh, securing a total of 666 runs. The encounter featured 16 wickets falling in 98.5 overs, maintaining a competitive run rate of 6.73.

10. West Indies vs Zimbabwe – 661 Runs

The clash between West Indies and Zimbabwe in 2015 showcased the explosive batting talent of the West Indian side. With a total score of 661 runs, this match left a lasting impact on the World Cup’s rich history.

A display of West Indies brilliance unfolded as they faced Zimbabwe, amassing 661 runs. The match witnessed 12 wickets falling in 94.3 overs, maintaining an impressive run rate of 6.99.

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