Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket 

Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket

In cricket, stumping is one of the most artful and amusing ways to get dismissed. Today we will examine the fastest stumping done by wicketkeepers in the history of cricket.

To whip off the bails before the batter returns to the crease, the wicketkeeper must possess exceptional reflexes, quick glovework, and excellent synchronization.

Fastest Stumping in Cricket History

When a batsman is outside the crease trying to make a run, the wicketkeeper removes the bails is known as stumping. Some legendary keepers who surprised hitters with their lightning-fast hands and mental toughness are on this list.

1) MS Dhoni – 0.08 seconds

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni stumping Bangladesh’s Mustafizur Rahman is the fastest stumping in the history of cricket. Mustafizur Rahman was completely taken aback by Dhoni’s intelligence.

Mustafizur attempted a big shot by shuffle-walking outside the crease on a wide delivery. However, Dhoni saw it coming even before the ball beat the batsman. Dhoni quickly grabbed the ball and removed the bails.

The stumping was finished in an astounding 0.08 seconds, according to replays! Dhoni’s unbelievably fast hands astounded both professionals and fans. His brilliance behind the wickets was demonstrated by this stumping.

2) MS Dhoni – 0.09 seconds

MS Dhoni

When CSK and Mumbai Indians played in the 2013 Indian Premier League, Dhoni once again showed off his quick hands by stumping Michael Hussey. It played out on the final ball, where CSK had to work extra hard to prevail.

In a mere 0.09 seconds, Dhoni had stumped Hussey, who had lunged out but failed to regain his footing in time. Sadly, for CSK, the bails were just loose from the groove and contained glowing lights within. So, it was not called out by the umpires.

However, Dhoni’s efficiency once more astounded onlookers and demonstrated how no batsman could feel secure taking risks with Dhoni behind the wickets.

3) Kiran More – 0.1 seconds

Kiran More

Legendary Indian keeper Kiran More produced one of the fastest stumpings in history in 1990 when playing against Graham Gooch’s XI during India’s visit to England.

Legendary batsman Graeme Hick attempted to charge out against spinner Rashid Patel, but he was unable to get close to the ball’s pitch. 

Hick was caught short by More, who acted with rapid speed to gather and flick off the bails in an instant. Replays revealed that it only took 0.1 seconds.

More humiliated Hick by showcasing his amazing reflexes and deft glovework, which made him a master at doing lightning-fast stumpings.

4) MS Dhoni – 0.18 seconds

Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket

It’s obvious by now that nobody has stumped a player as quickly as “Lightning Quick Hands” MS Dhoni. Another quickest stumping in cricket happened in November 2010 during an ODI match against New Zealand.

Ross Taylor, a batsman from New Zealand, tried a late cut on a twisting delivery but missed it. Dhoni quickly snatched the ball and pulled off the bails as Taylor was having difficulty getting to the ground. It took all of 0.18 seconds!

Taylor could only chuckle at how Dhoni’s incredible glove work had outwitted him. During his peak, Dhoni’s skill at planning rapid stumpings was unrivaled.

5) Ian Healy – 0.2 seconds

Ian Healy

Another master of quick stumpings was Australian hero Ian Healy, who was regarded as one of the sharpest wicketkeepers of all time. A stumping of this kind happened in the Adelaide Test during England’s trip in 1990.

Graham Thorpe, a reliable batsman, went out in an attempt to score fast runs. Thorpe missed the ball by a considerable distance, but Healy was prepared. Healy gathered the bails and snapped them off in about 0.18 to 0.2 seconds.

Thorpe was unable to regain any ground thanks to Healy’s deft maneuvers, which led to this quick stumping. Healy frequently executed such rapid stumpings to secure vital wickets over his career.

6) MS Dhoni – 0.21 seconds


During an international T20 match in Nottingham in 2011, even the legendary Rahul Dravid was taken out by Dhoni’s lightning-fast hands. It was one of Dravid’s rare moments of inattention.

Dravid tried to slip his bat on a wide delivery, but he lost his footing. Dhoni was quickly on the ball, removing the bails in 0.21 seconds after catching the ball.

Dravid could only smile after being humbled by his friend’s cleverness. Dhoni’s excellence as a wicketkeeper was cemented by his enduring ability to execute such rapid stumpings.

7) MS Dhoni – 0.23 seconds


During an ODI in Canberra, even the always-fit Glenn Maxwell was taken aback by Dhoni’s incredible stumping pace. Maxwell had left his crease long ago in favor of Suresh Raina, a part-time employee.

When Dhoni noticed Maxwell down the wicket, he displayed excellent match awareness. He snatched the ball with ease and removed the bails in 0.23 seconds, outpacing Maxwell by a significant margin.

Maxwell was astounded by what transpired because of how quickly and precisely Dhoni’s glovework worked. No one better embodies lightning-fast hands than MS Dhoni when it comes to stump collection and whips.

8) Nayan Mongia – 0.28 seconds

Nayan Mongia

Nayan Mongia, the former Indian keeper, was well-known for his lightning reflexes and ability to maintain sound play. A stumping incident happened in 1996 when India was touring England.

English batter Alec Stewart charged out but missed the ball entirely when spinner Rajesh Chauhan bowled. In a few 0.28 seconds, Mongia removed the bails with such speed that Stewart was caught well outside of his crease.

With Mongia’s quick stumping, the batter had no chance of escaping. He showed excellent technique by pulling off several of these rapid stumpings against English batsmen throughout the series.

9) Bob Taylor – 0.5 seconds

Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor, the legendary England keeper, was known for being quick and accurate behind the wickets during his career, which spanned from the 1960s to the 1980s. He executed several excellent stumpings.

One happened during England’s 1978–1979 tour of the West Indies against Australia. Despite Alvin Kallicharran, the batting ace of WI, dancing out to spinner John Emburey, the ball spun past him.

In just under a minute, Taylor gathered and removed the bails, catching Kallicharran far out of his crease. The batter had little chance to recuperate thanks to his lightning-fast reactions.

Taylor’s record of 190 first-class stumpings demonstrated his exceptional catching abilities, many of which were performed at breakneck speed.

10) Rod Marsh – 0.59 seconds

Rod Marsh

Finally, let’s look back at another quick stumping from an England vs. WI match, this time from Australian icon Rod Marsh. It happened during a World Cup league game in 1975.

Batsman Alvin Kallicharran charged at a turning ball that Dennis Lillee whipped past him, only to get flattened. Being vigilant, Marsh removed the bails in around 0.59 seconds.

About his exceptional reflexes and catching prowess, Marsh was among the best keepers. This stumping demonstrated Marsh’s dexterity when presented with a chance.


To sum up, stumping is a skill in wicketkeeping that demands extraordinary balance, speed, and hand-eye coordination. Keepers such as Dhoni, Kiran More, and others have made unbelievable sub-second stumpings.

Even if spinners create the space, keepers still need to beat the batters with impeccable timing, explosiveness, and judgment. Additionally, stumping speeds may now be precisely measured thanks to modern technologies. 

When elite keepers perform lightning-fast stumpings, it’s a remarkable show of athleticism and talent for the ages.

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