Top 10 Largest Cricket Stadiums in the World

Top 10 Largest Cricket Stadiums in the World

Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India is the biggest cricket stadium in the world in terms of spectator capacity.

Cricket is a popular sport that attracts large audiences in many different nations. Cricket stadiums packed to capacity have an atmosphere and electricity that is just unrivaled.

10 Largest Cricket Stadiums in Terms of Capacity

Today we will review the top 10 largest cricket stadiums in the world in terms of capacity and boundary measurements.

We will also go over some important historical information and important facts about these amazing cricket stadiums, which watch history being written every time a match is played.

1. Narendra Modi Stadium – 1,32,000

With a whopping 1,32,000 capacity, the recently renovated Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India—formerly known as Motera Stadium—is now the largest cricket venue in the world.

It’s the biggest cricket stadium ever built, having cost ₹800 crore to build featuring 76 corporate boxes, an Olympic-sized pool, and a sizable on-site clubhouse with 55 rooms.

Modi Stadium has top-notch player facilities and cutting-edge changing rooms. In 2020 the renowned “Namaste Trump” event, drew in over one lakh attendees. Many of the IPL matches will be played this season on the biggest Indian ground.

2. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) – 1,00,024

The famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), located in Australia, is the largest in the world. Since its construction in 1853, the MCG has played host to some of cricket’s most iconic events.

In addition to hosting AFL, football, and concerts, the MCG is the home of Australian cricket. The opening ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games in 2006 and the Olympics in 1956 were held there.

Several important cricket matches, including Australia’s renowned Ashes victories and the 1992 World Cup final, have taken place at the MCG. Any match is enhanced by the exciting atmosphere at a full MCG.

The boundaries are more difficult for significant hits because they are exceptionally large by today’s standards. It offers players cutting-edge amenities and maximum crowd comfort.

3. Eden Gardens – 66,349

The Eden Gardens in Kolkata is without a doubt the spiritual home of Indian cricket if the MCG is the Mecca of Australian cricket. Constructed in 1864, this cricket stadium is not only the biggest in India but also among the most recognizable worldwide.

During games, Eden Gardens is well known for its boisterous, fervent supporters who yell and shout nonstop. It has played host to some legendary India matches, including the 1987 World Cup final and the thrilling India-Australia test match in 2001.

Kapil Dev grabbed his 432nd test wicket and Sunil Gavaskar made his 10,000th test run. During the India-England series in 1993, floodlighting was initially implemented. It just received a big, comprehensive refurbishment that improved the facilities and seating.

4. Optus Stadium – 60,000

After the MCG, Perth, Australia’s Optus venue is among the biggest cricket ground in the world. It opened in 2018. This cutting-edge location has swiftly established itself as Australia’s top cricket site.

Cricket fans witness the first match between India and Australia at this cricketing ground. It was the first stadium in Australia to replace its conventional floodlights with an LED lighting system. It also hosts the first triangular women’s T20I series involving Australia, England, and India.

Having 150 corporate suites and a capacity of nearly 60,000. Better crowd flow and snack stands are made possible by the expansive open concourses. For night matches, the superb acoustics and lighting create a lively scene.

5. Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium – 55,000

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Uppal, Hyderabad is among the biggest cricket stadium in southern India. Ever since its inaugural international encounter in 2010, the stadium has frequently played host to several high-profile matches.

2013’s India vs. Australia ODI saw the highest cricket attendance ever, setting a Guinness World Record. The stadium hosted the first test match of 2017, which was an exciting contest between Australia and India.

The quotations from Sachin Tendulkar and Kumar Sangakkara are shown on the sidelines of the ends, which bear their names. The stadium is nearly full, making it one of the loudest environments for visiting teams to deal with.

6. Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium – 49,000

This state-of-the-art Raipur stadium, which was opened in 2017, is the biggest cricket stadium in Central India. It has already played host to several IPL and international matches.

Renowned for having a sports field that allows for fair bat-and-ball contests. In 2018 the first-ever test match between Afghanistan and India was hosted.

One of the most famous participants in the Indian uprising of 1857 was Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh. It was designed with a focus on sustainability to create a cutting-edge green stadium.

The stadium also hosts international women’s soccer matches in addition to men’s sports which attracts large crowds to the stands.

7. Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) – 48,000

Sydney Cricket Ground is one of Australia’s most famous and historic cricket venues, which is located directly opposite Sydney’s central business district. Since its founding in 1854, it has played host to some of the greatest events in cricket history.

It is one of the oldest cricket grounds still in use is SCG, where Australia and England played their first-ever test match in 1882. Most World Cup finals of any venue worldwide with four.

The contentious underarm bowling match between Australia and New Zealand in 1981 is what made SCG famous. Here in 2006, Shane Warne made test cricket history by taking his 700th wicket. Because of its historical history, SCG members are customarily permitted to bring their food, drinks, and umbrellas.

8. Gaddafi Stadium – 27,000

Before being renamed in 1974, the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan, was known as Lahore Stadium. It is a famous location in Pakistan that has played host to several memorable games.

Gaddafi hosted the first match between Pakistan and New Zealand where Pakistan defeated New Zealand in their inaugural test match back in 1955.

In 1985 Sri Lanka defeated Pakistan for the first-ever test victory at this stadium. At this location in 1982, Imran Khan had his best bowling stats of 8/60 against India.

It underwent significant renovations in 2007 to bring the facilities up to par with international standards. The stadium hosted the memorable World Cup final in 1996 which saw Sri Lanka defeat Australia. When packed, the stadium creates an exhilarating and lively environment.

9. Sheikh Zayed Stadium – 27,000

Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi was opened in 2004 and has grown to become one of the country’s premier cricket stadiums. Due to its first-rate amenities, it is a preferred neutral host location.

In 2009 the first-ever day-night test match was played between Australia and Pakistan. The stadium hosts numerous foreign teams on tours to the UAE as a result of domestic security concerns.

Featuring four dressing rooms, thirty-six corporate suites, and other practice pitches of comparable caliber. Cricket fans have seen several incredible matches, such as the 2018 draw ODI between Afghanistan and India.

Thanks to floodlights, matches can go into the night with the best possible visibility. The stands provide a fantastic atmosphere by bringing spectators right up to the action.

10. Newlands Cricket Ground – 25,000

Considered South Africa’s most gorgeous cricket ground, Newlands Cricket Ground is located in the charming city of Cape Town. More than 100 South African test matches have taken place there.

Here in 2011, JP Duminy became the first South African bowler to score a hat-trick in an ODI. The stadium also hosts the inaugural Twenty20 international between Australia and South Africa. Table Mountain overlooks Newlands, offering a breathtaking background.

In time for the 2003 World Cup, it underwent extensive renovations that included renovating the media center and adding floodlights. Here, in 2006, South Africa achieved their most successful ODI run chase, defeating Australia 438–9. Despite having a smaller capacity, the Newlands audience is known for their loud support.


The biggest and most recognizable cricket stadiums in the world, their histories, architectural styles, capacities, and attendance records have all been extensively discussed. Though Indian stadiums like Eden Gardens and the MCG still rule the landscape, a large number of brand-new mega stadiums are planned.

There is nothing like the excitement and memories made at these crammed venues during cricket rivalries and tournament finals. Both players’ and viewers’ experiences will be improved by modern technologies.

Naturally, the enchantment of cricket that takes place within the walls of the best stadiums defines them regardless of their size! We sincerely hope you enjoyed this tour of the world’s ten biggest cricket stadiums.

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